Source & Supply of Materials Related to Sonic Wielding Devices, Generators & Convertors

The source and supply of all required materials comes backed to the hilt with repair services. These take good care of the source and supply of all sonics and materials that will be installed to second hand welders, generators and convertors, among many other power supplies. The desire is there to provide customers with ultrasonic welding equipment at prices they can afford and without ever sacrificing the much needed quality and optimal use of the mechanized tools.

Approach your source supplier online and he can get the ball rolling in providing you with all needed items at prices you can afford. You will also have to send a note listing the equipment that needs to be refurbished. Ultrasonic repair specialists test and replace all failed components to your existing power supplier or generator. An old convertor can always be refurbished, containing all new components.

sonics and materials

You may have a list of questions at this time. Contact your source supplier and he will handily answer all questions on his current inventory of services and products, as well as any issues you are currently dealing with during your welding processes. Brand new ultrasonic convertors are also always available. These are manufactured purposely to meet and exceed specifications as laid down by the OEM.

After convertors have been fully tested against its age and its efficiency, pertinent measurements are kept for future use. These are conducted through square wave with node and anti-node readings, frequency in air and under load. This is being done for parallel and series type generators. Where required, amplitude and impedance measurements are carried out as well.  Rebuilt convertors are using the same driver used for new convertors. It is only the broken canister sent in that is replaced.