Six Steps of a Beginner Businessman.

Six Steps of a Beginner Businessman.

1. Answer your question – are you ready?

The business, especially at the very beginning, is fraught with many problems, huge time investments and expenses, and only then it brings income, freedom, independence and everything else.

Ideas of business from scratch. Prospective American start-ups

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You will have to work hard at least 10 hours a day and without days off, because the business at the initial stage is extremely unstable and prone to bankruptcy.

2. Determine what you want to do!

If you have already firmly decided that you want to work only for yourself, then you need to decide what exactly you will be doing. A correct and competent idea is already half the success. However, when choosing an idea of business, it is necessary to remember the following: if the idea is pleasant to you, your friends and friends, unfortunately, it is not a fact that she likes others.

3. Make a plan for building and developing your business!

A good and competent plan will help you increase your chances of success. Starting a business without a plan is the same as going to foreign lands without a roadmap. This document describes all the main aspects of the future of your firm, predicts and analyzes possible problems that it may encounter, and also determines how to solve these problems.

4. Count it!

At this stage, you will need to answer the following basic questions:

– How much should you invest in your business?

– Is your own money sufficient or do you need borrowed capital?

– Will your business be profitable, profitable?

– Is this profit enough for you to support yourself and your family?

Also, you will need to calculate the costs of opening your business – it’s worth thinking about before, and not after you opened. After all, if you for some reason have to close, then the funds spent for its opening to you, most likely will not return.

5. Decide on the sources of financing!

I will not write much here, but I will simply say that not only bank loans are related to financing sources. This can be leasing, private investment, and various grants and government subsidies.

6. Identify the form of the enterprise!

At this stage, you need, first, to understand whether you can manage your own business, or you need partners.

Secondly, you need to decide whether you will limit your responsibility or not.


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