The Solution for Prepaid Card Users

The Solution for Prepaid Card Users

Prepaid cards. They’re easy to get, safer than cash, and good for the budget. Similar to a gift card, a prepaid card holds a pre-paid amount of cash and limits how much the user can spend, but unlike a gift card, prepaid cards do not limit what or where the user can buy. So how can a prepaid card user keep track of multiple purchases, as they would for a credit or debit card?

Imagine this. A prepaid card is loaded for an employee before she leaves for her business trip. While on the trip, she spends money on gas, breakfast meetings, and hotel charges. When she returns the card after travel, her company wants to know what specifically she spent company dollars on. Believe it or not, they can keep track of her purchases, even on a prepaid card. Here’s how it works.

With the Itemize app, data from e-receipts or paper receipts are captured, showing the balance left on the prepaid card. The receipts are linked to each transaction, enabling the user to see where money was spent and what it was spent on. Prepaid card users no longer have to worry about being able to track their purchases; the Itemize app eliminates that worry entirely. Prepaid card users can feel confident trusting Itemize with their receipts.

Purchase at Retail Stores

You can buy an unregistered card at a number of stores. Participating stores include CVS, Dollar General, and other retailers. A number of convenience stores also carry the PayPal card.

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The upside of purchasing at a retail store is that you can load the card with cash at the initial purchase and use it right away for purchases. The downside is that it costs more and most features of the card are unavailable until you activate or register the card online. The price of getting the card at retailers varies because it’s determined by the retailer. But it can cost up to $4.95.

Purchase Online

Unless you need the card immediately, the better option is to buy online. That’s because it’s free. And, even if you buy it in the store, you’ll need to “activate” the card, which means providing identifying information to get a personalized card. When you purchase online, purchasing and activating the card are both in one step. It requires completing a simple form with identifying information–name, address, and social security number. There is no credit check, no ChexSystems inquiry, and no income requirement.


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